How They Met

The Year: 2010 The Location: College Station Way back in early 2010, a good friend invited both Matt and Rachel to a movie viewing party.  Matt, being his hilariously awkward self, met Rachel for the first time and they had a lovely conversation.  Rachel thought Matt was weird.  In August, Matt joined Aggie Artists, a student organization of which Rachel was a member.  For a year and a half they had a lot of zany adventures including:

Eating Liz Eating Liz

Beach Reaching Beach Reach

Sweating at Warped Tour Warped Tour


At the end of Summer 2011, an unbridled passion began to grow in Matt and Rachel’s friendship.  Finally in October, Matt informed his mother and the world that he had taken a lover.  They began doing couple-y things like:

 Sitting and Drinking Milk Drinking Milk

Dressing Up For Fancy Parties Dressing Up

The Beard

In August 2012, Matt left Rachel in Texas and visited the mountains of Colorado with his family.  While there, he grew lazy and stopped bathing and shaving due to not having anyone to impress.  Upon returning from Colorado, he resumed bathing, but decided he liked this new relationship with his beard and that he would keep it.  He grew to love his beard and took it with him everywhere, such as:

Joining a Mariachi Band
Mariachi Band

Climbing a Mountain
Mountain Climbing

Hanging Out With Other Bearded Dudes
Bearded Dudes

Hanging Out With Non-Bearded Dudes
Non Bearded Dudes

Eventually, Matt realized that he couldn’t marry his beard, so he started hanging out with Rachel again.  They resumed:

Dressing Up For Parties
Dressing Up Again

Dressing Up For More Parties
Dressing Up For Real

Rachel began to love Matt.  And Matt continued to love his beard.  Soon he realized there was enough room in his heart to both love his beard, and Rachel.

The Proposal

Halfway through June 2013, Matt realized it was time to propose to Rachel.  After securing the permission of her father, purchasing a ring from overseas, and meticulously waxing his mustache, he was ready to propose on July 20th.  But how to propose in a way that Rachel would not suspect?  Matt decided to tell Rachel everything about their upcoming proposal.  Everything except that she would be the one being proposed to.  Matt would often film proposals for friends, and he told Rachel that a friend would be proposing to his girlfriend that weekend, and that he would need her help with filming the proposal.  Rachel, suspecting nothing, agreed.

That evening, Matt drove Rachel to a field on the Texas A&M campus.

There, his friends Taylor Stanley and Sarah Best were setting up to film and take pictures of Matt’s “friend’s proposal.”

Rachel suspected nothing as they setup all of their equipment.

Conveniently, right before the couple being filmed was to arrive, Matt told Rachel he needed her to get something out of his car.  He explained that he couldn’t ask Sarah because she had to be ready to take pictures, and Taylor couldn’t go because he had broken both of his legs (true story, that actually happened a week before).

When Rachel returned from the car, Matt asked her if she had figured things out yet.  She was very confused, and completely emotionally overwhelmed when Matt got on one knee and proposed to her.



 She said “of course,” and then sat down for 5 minutes and try to process what had just occurred.



Rachel proceeded to check her pulse.

Then Matt checked it for her.

Afterwards, they took happy pictures together.

Lightsabers!Awkwardly Awesome

Matt had one last surprise when he took her home and many of their close friends were there to see and congratulate them.  After the party they ate at Fuego, because that is the perfect ending to a proposal.

The Proposal Film

Thanks to Taylor Stanley for filming this!

Proposal Photos

All these photos were taken by Sarah Best, and she’s awesome!